Edge/Face Loop Tutorials?

Does anyone know where I can get any good tutorials on creating edge loops, I have looked at that one sticky on this forum but it does nothing but confuse me. I need a clear newb-friendly tutorial (video preferrable) . I am having such a hard time figuring it out, I’ve tried to create them from box subdivision modeling but every time I knife a face it makes triangles on the adjacent faces and I don’t want that… Then I tried to make a face loop by extruding out a single plane and it just looks horrible, nothing like what I see on this forum when people post photos of human faces they have modeled. Sigh


In order to get a good flow, the best method is usually to start by extrude modeling. Starting with nothing but a single poly/vertex and getting the basic shape and loops, then filling in. Then if you need more loops you can simply do a loop cut.

If you’re having trouble understanding what the proper flow should be, then the sticky would really be the best place. There are other ones out there, but they’re not as clear or as comprehensive. If you don’t get it, just keep reading it till it makes sense, it’s really the only way.

Thanks joe, I gave it a shot and it worked! I guess it takes a LOT of time and patience lol… Can someone tell me how to render my model so it includes the subsurf cage? I couldn’t figure that out, like this guy did. Did I do ok for my first try?
Thanks again,


Your on the right track.
I was going to point you to Poles and Loops but you
already looked at it.
Honestly you need to read that over and over till you get it
while working on stuff and applying the information that’s there.