Edge glitch?

Howdy all.

Been working on a character model, but it has this glaring issue on the lips that looks ugly. Everything is smoothed, except this edge running along the lips.
I already tried Shading>smooth faces/edges/vertices, Face>Shade Smooth, and delete and readd Subdivision, to no avail.

Any clue why this is, and most importantly how to fix it?

Might be that their vertices are duplicated > mark the whole region and [m]erge by distance.
or the edges have crease. > you can set the subdiv modifier to ignore crease. Or change it in edit mode with [shift-E]

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The “edge running along the lips” is not smoothed (selected, yellow) as you said and there seems to be another one (red) diconnected from the rest …? Do you really want the first not smoothed … wait are we talking about creased or sharp both will do aome edgy effect … maybe just reset them for investigation…
(+1 for doing such precise and not too big image section, instead of 1920x1080 screenshot with 70% GUI :wink: )

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Thank you both for your advice!
Sadly, I tried it, but nothing seemed to work.

But it did just give me a moment of clarity that made me realize that I made the part in the mouth seperatly and connected it to the head afterwards.
When I turned on Backface Culling, it became clear that the normals we’re inverted, causing that weirdness at the edge.

So, a goof on my part that could’ve been avoided if I had turned on backface culling from the start.
Thanks for the assist though!

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