edge inside?

OK I made a simple logo but how do you make the edges appear inside, not just -umm- on the edges? Like for the letter S in this logo - the outlinings only go around the edges but not around the L in the letter S. Comments and crits welcome on this junk. Thanks!

Ok the edges are basicly created according to the zbuffer.

This means… the greater the difference of the distance to the camera 2 adjacent objects have… the more likely they are to have a visible edge between them.

The trick is basicly to turn up the edge intensity to a level where you get the edge you want… chances are though that that will also show edges you don’t want.

In that case… try resizing the objects. In your case probably resizing the objects (make them a lot bigger) will do it.

Of course you could also make a rendering with no edges, then render with way too many edges… put them on 2 layers in a photo editor with the multi edged version on top… then erase the bits that show edges they shouldn’t. That works rather well. Not nice when you’re animating though…

I’ve had quite a bit of succes doing it also by rendering the “edged” version showing only edges. Basicly put a white material on everything with a full emit value. Then use that as an overlay. In a video editor you can then remove the annoying little extra edges you don’t want by changing the brightness/contrast and get rid of the white with a chroma key.

thanks macouno! you enlightened me!