Edge length is not identical to ruler/protactor measurement or object dimensions?

I want to make an object in original size. I changed the units in control panel Scene>Units>Metric>Degree and set the scale to 0.001. Then i open the “View Properties” toolbar, pressing “N”. I changed the dimension in “Transform” panel(Object mode). However when i select the edges and press Mesh Display>(Edge info)Length (in Edit mode), really different measurements reveal. It is very annoying. Please help me! I couldn’t find the answer in forums, video tutorials.

I changed the dimension in “Transform” panel(Object mode).
This tells me that your object will have a scale value different to 1. You will thererfore need to apply this object scale (change it back to 1 for each axis) to show the edge lengths that macth the ruler. Do this with Ctrl+A / Scale

Thanks a lot for your quick reply. You are right about the scale.