Edge Length Question

i am confused with edge length:(, please check this pic:

all 4 sides say it is 2.00 but why its not square but rectangle?

it makes me difficult to precisely measuring in blender, or do blender have another type of measurement (i know blender unit, but maybe i don’t)

please could somebody explain it?

(sorry for my bad english)

ounce yo edit an object you loose the values for the dimensions in the N-Key Panel

but if you want to see it again just select your object then Ctrl-A
and this will reclaculate the lenghts of all edges in your objecft

but as soone as you edit it you loose theses values!


An example of another reasoning is:
1: Tab into Edit Mode and turn on Draw Edge Length
2: Tab out of Edit mode and take the cube and resize it along say the X axis inwards
3: Tab back into Edit Mode and you will see what you are seeing.
Happy Blending

In Edit mode, hit N, click Global.

i understand now, thank you all!