Edge Loop Pinch factor

in a past life i used 3dsmax and i do miss one feature, described here.

Creating for instance 2 edgeloops over a ring of faces, and spacing each loop out towards the furthest edge by a certain amount. right now i end up doing this manually, too often…

has something like this been coded already? i think anyone that has used the feature will agree that it’s remarkably useful for both hard and soft edge modeling. I’m wondering what you guys think…


Do an edge loop (ctrl + r) and scroll your mouse wheel up to add as many loops as you want. If I am understanding what you are asking correctly.


jjyoder, almost. now imagine if i make 2 loops with ctrl+r.
the pinch parameter in ( http://3dguru.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/edgeconnect-process2.png ) can spread them from the center outwards.

may be you should ask Crouch to add this to his Loop tool script !
if he does not have this already!

even the edge tool might be added there and get ,ore complete script to play with edges and loop and maybe even the bridge tool!

happy 2.5

It would be good for this feature to be compatible for not just 2 cuts, but 3 or 4 maybe more. It could easily be an addon to the current ring cut tool. At the moment when you make a single ring cut you can then select where to place it, I would like to see in the future when you select to make 2 cuts that you can then scroll the mouse to adjust the pinch (or position them with the mouse). For 4 cut loops, you could select to distribute the cuts evenly, or as a function like:

y = x^n + … + x^2 + x^1 + c, where y is the distance between a cut and the next, n is the cut index from the middle (or outside), c an offset, and x the value your mouse scroll effects. each x value could also have a multiplier, and you could also use sin functions.

It might be better though if these where used as custom properties. Though, re thinking this, it would be rare that you would use all this unless you where writing a script to generate a certain mesh based on a given set of parameters. Maybe just keep it simple, just leave it at pinch?

I’d be quite happy with 2 cuts, it would apply to most operations. adding extra edge-loops would be cool, but i wouldn’t lobby for it :slight_smile: ( i can always ctrl+r again afterwards)

He is, quite understandably, waiting for bmesh to find completion. I might do this myself eventually.

i read in another thread that he will come out with loop tool 2.5 before Bmesh!

still a good idea i think!
happy 2.5

answer from crouch see


you can Ask him if he can include this effect in his new loop tool in februry
take a chance j\he might do it who knows !

happy 2.5

Hahha nice

Understanding that this is very old thread… adding this for my future reference.
I’ve discovered that selecting a pair of edge loops and scaling them along the perpendicular axis performs the “pinch” as is used in this context with 3ds max.