Edge loops question

(KENZO) #1

Hello all, I have been playing with Blender on and off for a while (learning 3D). I have also been reading a bit about how edge loops are used in modeling when a character is to be animated (as I understand it for controlling deformations). So my question is, can you create edge loops in blender and do they operate the same as in other SW? :stuck_out_tongue:

(theeth) #2

You can create edge loops, but since there is no edge selection tool, it might be a little harder to control than what you are used to.


(KENZO) #3

Thanks Theeth, Do you know if there are any tut’s for it?

(theeth) #4

edge loops are a modelling technique, so I would guess that any tutorial could be applied to Blender with slight changes.


(Jamesk) #5

As theeth puts it, it’s just a general modeling paradigm, so any tut would apply. What you can do if you want some app that really handles this well, is to try out Wings. It’s open source freeware too, so why not?

(JarellSmith) #6

Hi Kenzo:

A good site to check out is:


Also, you might want to check out Kino’s ‘rusty knife’ python script:


-Jarell Smith

(thatbrikwal) #7

yes rusty knife is a lifesaver, and you will have to delete many edges and faces, but leave the vertices alone. It’s very do-able.