Edge loops?

Okay, I am just begining here but I am trying to edit an stl to make it fit my purpose better. I am VERY close to having it work. I have split the part, moved the parts needed and am now trying to re-connect them. I have joined the objects and am trying to create faces to connect it back together. Almost all my faces have been easy. On occasion, I click on a vertex (is that the singular?) and it selects a whole bunch of others. So far in most cases, if I select my vertices in a different order, I can get the four desired points and make a face. I have a couple that no matter how I select the vertices I get all sorts of others. I am guessing this is a feature to allow me to grab an element (plain, section, group of points) and move/modify all as a unit. What I need to know is how to break that group of points (I think it is called a loop) so I can make the faces I need.


What you mean with others? A screenshot would help to determine the problem.

Okay, in one picture, I select the circled vertex and have it selected. the second picture I selected the circled vertex and you can see several others (near the first selected vertex) have become selected. Problem is I have no control over what the others are and it is not helpful as the extras are often on a different plane than the one I am trying to make a face.

Might be the OpenGL select and your distance from the object. Try selecting that one vertex again and zooming in with the ‘.’ on the numpad. Should reset some clipping distances and help the selection.

ajm, are you thinking that I am inadvertently selecting extra vertices due to how close? I am almost 100% sure that is not it. I am clicking individual verteces, not using a box or loop select and many of the points that get added are nowhere near the one I click on.


No, I’m saying that at different zoom distances, there is an area that the OpenGL raycasting selection looks for things to select. So for example, if you were viewing at a distance, but used the mouse wheel to zoom in a considerable distance, that area remains large until you reset the screen space zoom/scale factor by pressing ‘.’ on the numpad in order to zoom to selection. This means that you may inadvertently select extra verts when you don’t want to, and it also causes navigation issues at times. However, if you are resetting your “scale” by doing the zoom to selection thing, (since I don’t know your time or comfort level with Blender, I can only assume) this could be a driver thing (not likely, but could be) the overall scale of the model in Blender (CAD files tend to be scaled up quite a bit in Blender) or an error with Blender’s selection method, which can happen and be very annoying.

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