Edge loops

Good Afternoon Everyone,

On windows, the edge loops works with ALT + RMB, right? and MAC OS?

I’m trying is not working and …

Does anyone know how the MAC?


The keyboard shortcut is the same in windows and OSX versions of blender. (in OSX you may see it called option instead of alt)

but does not work, I tried several times …

Look in the Select menu and you should see the option as well as the kwyboard shortcut. Also look at the assigned keyboard shortcuts in the User Preferences

I think it must be a bug, as not in the Select menu works …

Do you have a three button mouse connected to the Mac?

If not, just check the input preferences (File -> User Preferences … or press cmd-",")

If yes, I guess you have to reset Blender to the factory values (File -> Reset Factory Values)

Just in case you are testing this on basic six sided cubes: alt-RMB is not working because there are always two possibilities to define an edge loop from any given edge.