Edge Normals messed up - Need a way to fix them.


I have a problem with messed up Edge Normals and I’m hoping someone might know of a way to fix it within Blender.

At the place where I work each artist uses their program of preference, since objects are always exported as FBX to be used in Unity. Sometimes I need to import someone else’s model in Blender, but I can’t if it was originally exported as ASCII.

I use Autodesk FBX Converter 2013 to change the FBX file from ASCII to binary. However, when I import a converted file, the edge normals are messed up, causing smoothing errors [see attached image].

I’ve checked the forums for some solution, and I’ve tried Blend4Web’s plugin, but either the vertex normals are changed [not edge normals] or it doesn’t work. I also saw a video of some experimental add-on that allows for individual normal modifications, but I couldn’t find any more info on that.

I would greatly appreciate some advice. There is in general enough info on vertex and face normals, but very little on edge normals.

Has this started with Blender 2.74? If so, this might help.

That did the trick! Thank you so much!