Edge not matching the blue print ?

Good evening blenderheads :eyebrowlift:.

I have another simple question, how can i model this small part here ?

The front looks fine


But the side isn’t matching the blue print.


Any idea how i can model it , for some reason it doesn’t match the print and is driving me crazy.

Here is the .blend

Appreciate any help.

it may simply be an error on the original dwg !

and cause the scale is so small it’s difficult to get it right !

unless you can find larger dwg for the model somewhere else !

it’s a problem with small scale dwg !

sometimes if it comes from a photocopier
the Scale X might not be exactly = scale Y and it creates a scale problem in the photocopy and the scanned version!

happy 2.6

Normal business.
Even high quality vector blueprints have lots of nonmatching edges between different views. Gotta live with it and fix them by hand, eye and experience.

It may not be the exact same Audi A5 blueprint that you use (though they look very very similar), but if i try on this one :

It does not seem that bad in term of proportion matching, looks like the vertices are corresponding more or less to the same location on both front and side

I take a blueprint image and cut out the top/side/front views in an image editor like gimp and save them as images. Since I crop the images without any guidelines, the resulting images are different sizes. So figuring out image size with math won’t work, besides, I hate math. So after loading the images in blender and setting them up for the views, (front view of image displayed in front view of blender, etc…). I scale a cube, in wireframe display, to say the width of the car in the front view. Then I go to the back view in blender and adjust in the background images panel the scale of the back view image so it matches the width of the cube. Now my front view and back view images match. Then look at the top view and scale the top view image to match the width of the cube. Once that’s set, I’ll scale the cube so it matches the length. Then in side view, scale that image so it matches the length of the cube. Along the way, I also scale the cube in height to match the front and back views, and double check the side view for height.

And yes, as RickyBlender mentions, somtimes there are errors in the drawings. After all, what some call blueprints downloaded from the net are drawings and not actually real engineering blueprints, so there are errors. So as s12a says, sometimes you have to fix the errors in the drawings while modelling by just making it match even though it may not match the drawing 100%.