Edge of the woods

Greetings people!

I’d like to share my artwork with you guys that I’ve been working on for some time.

I came up with a concept for a little space around the woods that I would like to be in. Who knows I might actually get to do this :stuck_out_tongue:

Cycles render

2000 Passes
Render hours: 8



2000 Passes
Render hours: 15 (Well lets say I ran out of memory in my graphics card and switched to CPU)

Looks comfy. But from a technical pov your bumpmap is way to strong. A bit smoother would be nicer.

Love it, love the idea and the composition. Really makes me want to be there, great job.

The modeles themselves in this are coolest in my opinion.

Made me think of a ship, maybe a pirate ship. Must be the ropes. Looks nice!

Thanks alot! I did spend alot of time on the concept, which was a big thing for me. Felt like changing something every time to fit my eyes :smiley:

Hmm i felt that just after i added my last filter effect. But i always felt i gave it a lower value XD

My other two images failed to load for some reason, Loading in this post hopefully


Good project!

Ooh! I like the outside render too! Well placed, nice composition!

That’s absolutely beautiful, I’m very jealous.

Thank you! im just trying to spread the word but this post keep hiding my images for some reason XD

Thanks! felt bad that i had to use CPU XD

:smiley: thanks

I actually used several portals to speed up the interior scene. Loved that option!


fun piece, wish I could actually see it through all that CA though. Dial that back until you can almost not see it (or just ditch it) and it will look much nicer.

Incredible idea and design and ofcourse well executed. Living in a barrel, im in now!

actually i find the outside even more amazing… really love the whole thing!

Lovely renders!
The mix between sci-fi-ish, modern shapes and nature and wood is just great! Amazing lighting as well!
The colors are so nice. How did you color grade it?

love the idea, love the composition,excellent work

The scene is lovely! However I find lights weird, too much intense. I couldn’t trust on my monitor anyway, it makes strange things with gamma so many times…

Wow Thanks for the responses guys! I gotta say, to be honest I made something that got stucked in my head for many many months. I followed the exact thing I had in mind. I guess I followed the same gamma/ brightness haha! :smiley:

Thanks a lot mate! it was a long process… very long one :spin::smiley:

Please let me know what CA means? :frowning: I’d love to look into it! thank you!

Hey Dan! Ive used the Film filter in blender from the beginning of my texture/ color grade process. and there is many layers of rgb curves adjusted through. Did around 40% In blender and the rest of the grading done in Photoshop with effects and grunge maps for additional details.

Lets make it Real! :ba: :smiley:

Looks great!
But I think the post-proccesing is over-done.