Edge of the woods

(123ERTYY) #1

Greetings people!

I’d like to share my artwork with you guys that I’ve been working on for some time.

I came up with a concept for a little space around the woods that I would like to be in. Who knows I might actually get to do this :stuck_out_tongue:

Cycles render

2000 Passes
Render hours: 8


(123ERTYY) #2


2000 Passes
Render hours: 15 (Well lets say I ran out of memory in my graphics card and switched to CPU)

(BigBlend) #3

Looks comfy. But from a technical pov your bumpmap is way to strong. A bit smoother would be nicer.

(WatsBlend) #4

Love it, love the idea and the composition. Really makes me want to be there, great job.

The modeles themselves in this are coolest in my opinion.

(Yanal Sosak) #5

Made me think of a ship, maybe a pirate ship. Must be the ropes. Looks nice!

(123ERTYY) #6

Thanks alot! I did spend alot of time on the concept, which was a big thing for me. Felt like changing something every time to fit my eyes :smiley:

Hmm i felt that just after i added my last filter effect. But i always felt i gave it a lower value XD

My other two images failed to load for some reason, Loading in this post hopefully


(Odilkhan Yakubov) #7

Good project!

(Yanal Sosak) #8

Ooh! I like the outside render too! Well placed, nice composition!

(vaguehorizon) #9

That’s absolutely beautiful, I’m very jealous.

(123ERTYY) #10

Thank you! im just trying to spread the word but this post keep hiding my images for some reason XD

Thanks! felt bad that i had to use CPU XD

:smiley: thanks

(123ERTYY) #11

I actually used several portals to speed up the interior scene. Loved that option!


(Kemmler) #12

fun piece, wish I could actually see it through all that CA though. Dial that back until you can almost not see it (or just ditch it) and it will look much nicer.

(Aole) #13

Incredible idea and design and ofcourse well executed. Living in a barrel, im in now!

(Impreza09) #14

actually i find the outside even more amazing… really love the whole thing!

(Dan80) #15

Lovely renders!
The mix between sci-fi-ish, modern shapes and nature and wood is just great! Amazing lighting as well!
The colors are so nice. How did you color grade it?

(hassanMsheded) #16

love the idea, love the composition,excellent work

(Kroiden) #17

The scene is lovely! However I find lights weird, too much intense. I couldn’t trust on my monitor anyway, it makes strange things with gamma so many times…

(123ERTYY) #18

Wow Thanks for the responses guys! I gotta say, to be honest I made something that got stucked in my head for many many months. I followed the exact thing I had in mind. I guess I followed the same gamma/ brightness haha! :smiley:

Thanks a lot mate! it was a long process… very long one :spin::smiley:

Please let me know what CA means? :frowning: I’d love to look into it! thank you!

Hey Dan! Ive used the Film filter in blender from the beginning of my texture/ color grade process. and there is many layers of rgb curves adjusted through. Did around 40% In blender and the rest of the grading done in Photoshop with effects and grunge maps for additional details.

Lets make it Real! :ba: :smiley:

(eyalmu) #19

Looks great!
But I think the post-proccesing is over-done.