Edge offset / intersect

Hi Everyone,

Is there any tool that allows edge / face / volume offset in Blender 2.5? I have seen the CADtools - they seem totally brilliant but work only with 2.49 :frowning:
I am also looking for a way to add vertices to edges / faces at intersections with other objects / edges / faces etc.
I have just switched from 2.49 and seem to be a bit lost in the new interface and new features, so please forgive me if there is a simple answer!

Thanks for all suggestions!

Yes, but there are, the manual hard way, and it’d kill you if you have loads to do…

V1. Do some boolean modifiers, then delete and add parts back together…

V2. Select an edge and subdivide id (ctrl + w) (also may want to not have faces here), then using the ‘N’ panel move the vertices to where you want them. And yes restitch together.

There are others (if I even understand what your after)…

And, thanks for showing link to CADtools, some features there i’ve always wanted to see in Blender… Cheers.

Thanks Rarebit! Ouch, it looks like a painful way to model, but thanks anyway! Better this way than no way. I always found it amazing that as basic tool for architectural modelling as offset is missing from Blender, which I think is a pretty advanced tool!