Edge on a wheel well.

Hi everyone,

Blender noob here. I’m modeling a car ans was wondering what what the best way to add an edge loop around this wheel well.


Simplest way is to [Alt] + Select the wheel well edge. Hit [E] to extrude the edge. And scale the new opening down a little. That will put a lip around the wheel well.

Thanks for the response ridix.

lol, I was mistaken, by examining a better resolution picture the car I want to model. I noticed I don’t an edge there. (see picture below)

But still, would like to know how I would go about inserting an edge loop into an existing mesh along a line that is not parallel to any other lines. Like the edge of the wheel well in my first post ( The yellow line represents the edge I am trying to add ) . I tried your suggestion riddix, but I need the line to go above the already defined edge. And that would work great If I had not defined the edge yet.

The tutorials I’ve been watching start at the wheel well. Maybe that the way to go. I started my model at the top right corner of the car along the hood.

I still think you should do it as ridix said. Just move the old edge up a bit and then extrude to make the new edge. It’s usually much easier to extrude a new edge than to cut old edges.

You also have a couple of triangles, which you should try to get rid of, especially if you’re going to be using a subsurf modifier at some point.

You say that you don’t need an edge like in the first picture, but you should always try to have a complete face loop around areas you want defined. That way you get rid of poles and nodes on corners or outer edges, which otherwise could cause distortion.

Yes, I noticed when I added the subsuf mod I was getting some weird results in that areas where I had the triangles.

I’ll try this tonight and rework the well. Thanks guys, excellent suggestions.