Edge slide for vertices

Could someone make the edge slide tool works for a single vertex?
I think that it’s not so hard to make. The mouse wheel change the edge in which the vertex moves, and the mouse movement moves the vertex.
Thanks for attention!

Sorry! However it don’t works with the edge slide command, which is my idea. I hope it will be implemented in the new version.

i dont think its possible to slide a vertex on the edge

there is in 2.5 a command to slide a vertex along and edge
is that what you want ?
happy 2.5

You can achieve same result with custom transform orientation.

Choose and select the edge.
Create transform orientation. (Ctrl Alt Space)
Select vertex.
Grab/Move vertex on Z axis of Edge orientation. G,Z,Z

Choose and select the edge.
Align View to Selected. Shift Numpad 1.
Select vertex.
Grab/Move vertex on Y axis of View orientation.


Set the Pivot Point to Active Element (Alt+.)
Select Vertex A (the vertex you want to slide)
Then shift-select Vertex B (the vertex you want to slide towards) and scale