Edge Slide Tool improvement [Proposal]

Hey guys, I think we just don’t know how to use it right. Wow. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: That’s a good one. It seems it depends on where the mouse is:

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The aditional lines it creates defeats the purpose of it, and becomes limited. You’ll have to dissolve a lot of edges to continue working. Ngons are the best approach, it gives you more freedom. Of course an option to toggle ngons on or off would be better.

edit: and working based on mouse position is just insane.

That is not a fact. It’s your own personal preference. Please do not confuse the two. :smiley: That depends on ones habits entirely.

NGons are expected results for such edge slide/ offset tool (proposed). The autoconnected edges are expected for Rip Fill. The mouse position dependency is weird though, unpredictable, undesirable.

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If you wanted to do the same operation on the side that the triangle was created, what would you do? Since the face is not square anymore you would need to dissolve the newly created edge and perform the operation… :wink:

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How did you constraint the Rip Fill slide along the newly created edges like that? I don’t see any modifier for that on the status bar. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Guys, I just wanted to point out that the rip fill tool “might” produce a similar result to that tool from c4d. If its limitations are too much then fine, but please don’t go to war over whether or not you like n-gons.

Mouse position dependency is used in various places in Blender. I think it makes sense to use it. Might increase productivity once you get used to it. Nothing wrong with it the way I see it. One just needs to learn to use it, that’s all.

You press g before you confirm. Its really a macro like the extrude tool. All the options for translate work for it. When you translate you can press g to go into slide mode.

You are right. No need for war here. I think it would be nice if we could slide through other edge loops as an option in slide operations and I liked the preserve curvature option a lot. I think it would be nice to see these features regardless ngons or connected edges.

Heh, interesting, thanks! Are there other tools where this is used?

It doesn’t make sense in this case though. One position results in an expected result, the other overlapping geo which is never a good thing.
Ah well, I’m thinking as if it’s supposed to work exactly like the proposed tool and not how Rip Fill is regularly used I guess.

I can’t think of any other tool where that would be useful, but I suppose it works in all geometry duplicating macros because you always need to move the geometry afterward.

That would be extrude, duplicate, and the regular rip tool. There are probably a lot of other tools like that that I can’t think of.

By the way I wanted to make such an addon, all my hands did not reach. It would be a very useful tool

I’ll just quote myself here :smiley: :

Something similar must be out-of-box not an addon as it could make some actions so much easier and faster.

Is that even possible? This would give us a triangulated mesh, I guess, which is undesired.

Any update on this? Is there a tool in 2.82?

Ain’t gonna happen…

what is your method to achieve copy the edge? i dont like “alt + v”. “ctrl + shift+ r” gives you a double edge. What if I want just one edge that I selected and duplicate that along the face?