Edge spit function

Can someone explain how the Edge split in edit mode works? Is it able to spit edges between faces because it doesn’t seem to be doing it? It’s only doing it if I select the face and separated the whole, face but I don’t want the whole face separated, just the single edge I selected.

I usually just hit v, that seems to work.

Pretty sure that’s the rip function.

Edge split is a modifier as far as i know @FirstDonDiego

If you did mean the rip function, it works with the mouse position, try positioning the mouse at the other side of the edge before using the rip function.

ye, I figured it’s a terminology mixup. I guess you could mark an edge sharp and use the modifier if that’s somehow useful.

This is what I’m referring to.

That seems to be almost the same as pressing V, only confusing thing is that it edges on both sides after the split. Works on my side (you’d need to have at least 2 edges selected though).

So I discovered what (my particular issue) was with the edge split not working was. So it seems, the after I extrude, there is a “micro-face” in between the edges I extruded from. I don’t know if this is supposed to be normal or not (which if it is makes no sense), but I had to delete that “micro-face” from the mesh before the edge-split works. Again, why this is a thing is beyond me.