Edge split modifier help

Hi, I’m wondering if there’s an easy way to use the edge split modifier’s angle-dependent smoothing but also specify soft edges as well as hard edges easily.

I.e. if I want to keep a pair of faces smooth which are joined together at an angle greater than the smoothing angle, the only way I can do it currently is either a) only use the ‘marked sharp’ option on the modifier (extremely tedious on models of pretty much any complexity) or b) apply the modifier and manually weld vertices. This of course is difficult if you’ve got more than the two faces you’re wanting set smooth joined at that vertex since you have to sort out which vertex is which.

I’m basically wondering if there is a ‘mark smooth’ edge special as well as a ‘mark sharp’.


What I’d do is set the edges sharp using “select sharp edges”
Go to edge select mode, then press spacebar to open a menu Select>>Sharp Edges (or press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S)
This will allow you to select all the sharp edges. Use CTRL+E>>Mark Seam, and then go back and Clear Seam on the ones you want smooth. Finally, select only “From Marked As Sharp” in the edge split modifier. I hope that helps

No there is no mark smooth edge setting. The only thing that comes close to that is bevel the edge so it becomes smooth.

That’s certainly easier than the way I was doing it. Ideally I think they should implement a ‘mark smooth’ function but until then this will do nicely. Thanks for your felp :slight_smile: