Hello there,

Im wondering can you aply the Edge split modifier on characters that will be deforming?

Im working a lot with that modifier right now to reach the result I need.

From what I tested the modifier is not a good idea if you animate a character’s fingers and there are edges that are marked as sharp.

I need to know can you still use it in parts where there is no deformation. On a helmet for example? And in general where do you usualy use the ‘Edge split’ modifier in your own work?

Thank you in advance.


Any thoughts?

I think I found a solution. I just baked a normal map from the mesh with the edge split modifier. Its working fine.

And yes, I also use it to bring sharp edges where I need them but I was more wondering how to avoid messing up when animating since the edge split modifier, once aplied, ‘destroys’ the mesh. Anyways, I found a solution for now.