edge visible/invisible?

Hi I am new to blender but have modelled in the past with 3DMax.

In max I had the ability to display invisible edges or make them invisible. And turn the direction of edges.

Just wondering if there is an option to do this in blender.

*and I don’t mean the hide button which makes your mesh invisible, I want to have the mesh remain visible but certain edges not be drawn on the mesh

The hide option hides edges you select before pressing H. It doesn’t hide your whole mesh. Not quite sure how you can “display invisible edges”. Doesn’t that make them visible again?

In F9, MeshTools 1, you can turn on ‘All Edges’ (for object mode) but you can’t decide which edges it will and will not draw when it’s off.
Same place you can turn on ‘Draw Edges’ (for edit mode) that will draw edges in edit color (but all edges are drawn in black in edit mode anyway).


You can also click “Faster” and “Slower” to increase/decrease the number of edges displayed on a mesh. Not sure if this has anything to do with what you want but it might.

thank-you for the fast responses, hopefully this helps explain what I want to do.

I am working on low poly game type models. No subdivision mesh

(might have to copy/paste image.

If blender can’t do this is there a script that someone has written that might help?

SOunds to me like this has nothing to do with hidden/visible edges and everything to do with the rotate edge tool! :smiley:

CTRL E :wink:

OK THANK-YOU the edge rotate is one thing I wanted to do.

I guess you can’t hide selected edges from display.

YES you can hide selected edges. Just go to edge select mode (CTRL TAB 2), select the edge you want to hide, and press H. Tada :slight_smile:

Ok I figured it out,

sorry my explanation wasn’t very good,

the tool I was looking for was the triangle to quad, and quad to triangle.

Thanks anyways.

Cntrl-T. Splits a quad in two triangles.

J or alt-J. Joins two triangles into a quadrilateral polygon.

Cntrl-F. Flip triangle edges. This one is better explained here:

from tutorial