Edge wear mask using a uv texture of scratches and ( tangent/ pointness)

Step1 = create material in cycles ( edge wear using pointiness / tangent / color ramp, and emission/black)+(uv texture

Step2 = bake material to uv map for high poly

step 3 = bake material over in GE to low poly

Step 4 = use material in texture stack (as stencil or in multiply mode etc)

any future requests?

how was the last video? too fast? too slow? good content?

let me know :smiley:

Just had a quick look, I can hear the intro music and after that there’s no sound, I’m assuming there is a commentary to go with the video?.

As to any future request, I’m working on a spaceship called Starbug, it’s from a British sci-fi comedy TV series called Red Dwarf. The model’s looking quite good but as usual I’m struggling with the textures/materials. A tutorial on how to create a burnt and battered look for a spaceship hull would be great.


I will try and do something simlar to this and add commentary,
(edge wear)

and what you want to do is have a series of black/white images you generate using edge wear, and save them and use them to mix materials.

(burnt metal / scratched metal / painted metal) sounds about what you are looking for.

after generating a map you can duplicate it and edit it in gimp or krita etc

in the video the most important thing to take away

tangent or sine or cos of pointiness and tangent is fed through color rampand used as a mix value in a mix shader of emission/black.

everything else is using these values to distort/recolor a uv map or to use a uv map to disort/recolor the mix amount.