Edge with rounded shape

Hello everyone,

This is my first message on this forum and I’m french so sorry in advance if my english is not perfect :D.

I’m trying to model a lamp.
The base of this lamp as a curved shape as you can see in the attached file shape.jpg.
I don’t know how to shape my edge like this, I tried with the knife tool but with no success.
Somebody to advise me?

Show me what you got :wink:

im making a video response for you.

it will be up in about 2 hours.

Wow merci beaucoup for the video.
I didn’t thought about this solution.
It looks like I chose the hard way with the knife tool
Thank you very much for your help!

can you get a real front photo to get precise shape ?

if it is a real 1/4 circle it is easy
but if not better have precise shape !

happy bl

Use a combination of boolean, bevel and array modifiers for the best results and easier control when it come to nailing the shape.

I’ve made this in couple of minutes by using the method mentioned above, you can check the .blend file if you have the desire to. I’ll make a video tutorial on this if you want, just tell me.

Thank you for all your answers.
I did’nt had time to work on this this week end but i’ll post on this thread if i need other advises.
By the way here is a pic of the entire lamp.

There are two ways to make this, the wireframe of these two finished products speak for them selves.