Edgeloop selecting & others maybe too

I just switched from Windows to Linux (ubuntu 7.10) and ofcourse i am running into all sorts of oddities since i am no guru, but anyway…

Now i am trying to model with blender… but i cant make friggin edgeloop selection with normal ->

alt - shift - mouseB… It does nothing. Well actually at first it did… it started to drag the blender window around. But i figured out it was caused by option to use ALT to Drag windows around in ubuntu… So i disabled it and switched it to “super” button / windows button… But now it doesnt do anything. How do i get it to work??

Also if you know other surprises that might not work or in Linux (i mean work in differend way) please tell me… :S

Thanks… and nice Xmas.

Alt Right Mouse Button should do it.

Thanks… i dont get it. I am quite sure i tried it once allready. :S Oh well…