does anyone know how to make edgeloops im conpletly lost

im working on a face so thats what im aming for

Edge loops allow you to control the “roundness” of a mesh to which the subsurf modifier has been applied. For instance, If you add subsurf to a simple cube, it will look slightly roundish. To get a less organic (round) cube you need to make loop cuts near the edges (thus the edge loop denomination). You make the actual cut with CTRL-R. You will see a pinkish line appear on your mesh. Click the left mouse button and the loopcut will be created. If you keep your finger on the left mouse button you will see a green line which allows you to move the loopcut laterally on the faces you selected. That’s almost everything there is to know about edge loops.

Hope that explanation makes sense to you… Just try it. I’m sure you’ll get the idea quickly.

thanks john