edges in smesh?

i was wondering if it was possible to make a sharp edge in an smesh like for armor or something it needs to be smooth and the sharp also for like fingernails and stuff

Sure is. You can either do a knife cut or a face loop cut, depending on what your requirement is and then position the verts close to the main edge. This will make it look sharper.

I hope that made sense? :stuck_out_tongue:


i didnt quite get that are you saying that i put two edges together? cuz i want it like manufactured object. would it be better if i just converted the model to mesh and just did it that way? also its going to be used in an animation so i dont want it to really slow down the render if i dont have to

you mean a creased subsurface? you will have to look in a build on blender.org.

yeah i was just about to edit that in. its more of a crease on the model than and edge. so not like a cubes edge
so the ability to do that is not in blender?

Yes it is, as BgDM so emphatically explained. An SMesh is the average of the original mesh’s geometry. So, if two loops (of edges) are closer on average than the rest the result will be closer to that of the original mesh (and emphasized by 3, 4, 5… loops being closer). It doesn’t matter how you get them closer (you can cut a new loop or drag two or more together, anything but extrude) you just need the cage to affect the SMesh. And Catmull will work better than Simple will work better than Optimal.


WOW [!] i had no idea thats how subsurfs worked. thanks for the help