Edges showing up in render that shouldn't

hey guys, i think this is a material/texture prob and i hope someone can advise me on this matter.

my model has part of its ‘mesh’/edges showing up in renders that shouldn’t be there. i havent enabled Wire rendering, and the material in question is the same one as shown on the main face (to the left of the ear). see render below.

The only thing i can think of is that its something to do with the uvmapping or unwrapping. its like, the texture thats being used is of the actual unwrapped mesh. i’ve moved the uvmap, the unwrapping and even made sure there are no duplicate faces or vertices there.

I would appreciate any help on this as im going to be using this model in a render soon and id hate to think it will be slightly spoiled by these lines.

I’m scratching my head and I’ve got nothing. Could you perhaps provide a blend file? I’ll gladly take a look at it.

huh, thats weird. i was making a compact file version of the model to put up to see what was wrong and i accidently came across the problem. i deleted the second uv texture layer and the lines disappeared.

it fixed it, but i still dont understand why the second uvtexture was showing edge lines^^;; its like the second uvlayer was showing its own unwrapped lines even tho it wasnt enabled at all in materials. weird.

Thanks tho guys^^