Edges to Curve

How do you use this Script, Edges to Curve? The comment reads, “Edges not used by a face are converted into polylines.” When I erase faces I loose the edge!

i thnk this work only if you hve a line of vertex
otherwise it wont work !

can you show pic of what you have ?

happy blendering

I was trying to build fabric joint with piping. See image. This geometry can be built if you can extract a curve along polygon line and extrude circle along it.

I did manage to create Bezier curve by selecting loop of polygon line that forms a pillow edge, Duplicate, than applied Edges to Curve as you suggested. It worked. But for some reason I can’t extrude circle around it. Hummm I am stuck.


can you ipload a sample file with your curve so we an have a look and see what’s wrong with it !

also even if you do this edge loop you still have to locate it all around
and that may be difficult to do ?
how re you planning to do this ?