Edges to curves script , please ??

Does any has a simply working script which will turn edges to curves ? Like select edge loop run script done, I got curves.The bundled script with 2.49 is very difficult and work with and it doesn’t work for me, maybe there is another one ?

Bundled script only works with separated polyline with no faces connected. So, select edges, do Shift-D to duplicate and run bundled script.

I’ve spent almost half an hour now to find this reply. That’s crazy that this steps are needed to have this script working. No feedback in the gui at all, how one who never used this script can imagine how this script works? A simple helping line before the script starts would be more then helpful!
btw, googling around didn’t work this time…

I think theres no need for the script anymore use ALT+C

Select loop, press p , press alt c …
That is it in 2.5!

that’s why there is a script
normally there should be some explanation at the beginning of the script on how to use it !

and don’t forget that mesh have nothing in common with cruves it’s 2 math modeling technics !

there is a curve to mesh but the opposite mesh to curve is more complicated
cause there are constraint to be respected like having and independant mesh line
cause the algo cannot guess if the vertices are part of a more complicated mesh !

good luck

happy 2.5

This thread is very old and Icarusss was asking about Blender 2.49 not B2.5.