Edges to faces

Hi guys how are you?

I’m trying to make a really simple task, however I can’t seem to find the best way to do it. Let me explain:
I have some edges forming a full connection but not a face (Please see the screenshot below)

I want to build faces based on those edges and all faces to be of the same width. Something more or less like the next screenshot:

This was made by hand and as you can see is a terrible result. Is there a way to do this correctly?
Sorry if it was not the best explanation. Any help would be really appreciated

I would probably fill the edges (press f) you have. Select the resulting polygon and use inset (press i). After you do the inset just delete the resulting polygon in the middle.

You could also select all your edges and press e for extrude, hit esc and press s to scale it towards the middle as much as you want. I don’t know if both ways deliver the same result. I can’t access Blender right now.

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Definitely Inset as @mrtzg said and then delete the middle polygon.

There’s addon Offset Edges which does this as well. Inset as built-in solution should also work just fine.