edges to tube

i cannot remember where i’v seen this script for transforming edges into tubes in blender
i tried the solid wirefram but this seems to make edges like rectangular and or rounded
so that’s not the one
can anybody remind me where this scipt is please


In the scripts window, go to Mesh>Solid Wireframe, and adjust your settings, then click OK. It will make a copy of your original mesh, so either delete or move it to a different layer.

Edit: oops, I should read more carefully, you tried that script already

yap i tried thtat wire solid and it’s a bit tricky to play with the variables

but meanwhile i found another little gadget
in the tool panel there is a wire something that makes tubes for each edge
there are so many variables in blender that sometimes you forget things
and then it come back when you don’t really need it! LOL