Edges visible on seperated sphere parts

Hello there,

I have created a sphere which I separated into 8 different parts (4 for the upper hemisphere, 4 for the lower). Unfortunately, when I smooth the sphere’s surface and light is casted on the scene, the edges that overlap between those 8 objects become visible. How can I eliminate this effect, while still maintaining those 8 objects separate?

Thanks in advance!

You can’t really. If there’s an edge there then Blender will show an edge because smoothing only works between faces, and there is no connected face there. Maybe if you tell us why they have to be in eight pieces we might be able to tell you it’s not necessary. For example if you’re doing it because of mapping eight different images to the sphere - not necessary. Because you want to map the same image to all eight sections - not necessary.

I need to import those parts in Away3D. Away3D has a limit for each mesh texture used to 2048x2048px. A single sphere with such a texture looks ugly even in HD, if zoomed as much as I require (which is not that much). So I have separated the sphere in 8 parts which I imported with separate textures, so now I have a sphere with a 8192x4096 texture. Needless to say, this “issue” with the edges carries on to Away3D, so since it’s there on blender initially, getting rid of it would help me get rid of it on Away3D. By the way, Away3D community is in a bad, very bad state :slight_smile: