[EdgeSplit] Edge Crease 1 vs Edge Angle

So when i select an edge and give it a crease value of 1 and setup the edgesplit modifier to only use the weighted edges for it’s splits i end up with a well a best semi sharp edge.

At the same time just using the edge angle option results in amazingly sharp and defined edges.
What am i missing or is the crease tool not meant to be able to define sharp edges?

In any case how do i set it up to use it for sharp edges on a mesh while still maintaining the option to have steep but smooth shaded angles too?
(Just using an angle of 99 and defining the edges i want with the crease tool looked right up until i applied the modifier in my test … and then i ended up with extra splits in places that weren’t meant to split)

Up until now i usually did this via support loops but it is quite an expense on the vertex count.

it will be up soon

Wow, thank you … i realy didn’t expect someone to take the time and make a video tutorial for this.
Somehow i completly forgot about the auto smooth option.

You managed to sum all my trialbased errors up in one short video and left me with a handy solution.

I gotta say, your explanation was clear, very helpfull and quite proffessional … i am impressed.

Just to be 100% sure:

If i got this right, then i use mark sharp to define edges as sharp and the crease tool only to define how far away from it’s original position the subdivided edge is allowed to slide.

you are correct about the sharp edges, but i dont know what you ment about the crease. The crease function applies to your model when you have a sub div surface on it, and the higher you set it, the sharper it will be.

Yeah i meant that the crease tool (with auto smooth) so far at least in my tests was able to more or less (see below) replace support loops for the purpose of defining the shape of the subdivided form.

The part where it fails me sadly:

I am currently trying to reduce the poly count on one of my models and want to use the crease tool to define semi sharp edges (like when you place a support loop close but not right next to the edge) on parts of a subdivided mesh that aren’t going to be 100% focused in the shot or are partly obscured.

My goal is to create rounded edges that look somewhat beveled and smooth but are still distinct, without adding “unnecessary” loops.

If i try defining those edges with the crease tool and auto smooth it always ends up snaping to the extreme at a certain point. (depending on the auto smooth angle)

I can get somewhat satisfying results but only when using realy high levels of subdivisions … way higher than should be needed.

Is there a way to force the subdiv modifier to push nearby loops (the ones the modifier creates) closer to a marked edge and therefore recreate the effect of a support loop without adding additional geometry?

My quess is that the crease tool isn’t meant for that :frowning:

Great clarification and video on these different methods, thanks!

lol thanks for bringing this up… just under 1 year later, and i cringe from my own video… jesus crist…