Edgesplit, Subsurf modifier stack movement crash bug

I’m running the standard 2.47 Win32 release.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or just something I’m not supposed to so (mathematically speaking).

Please test by opening this .blend then try to click the up arrow to Move the Subsurf Modifier up in stack. This is causing Blender to quit every time I try it.

To test it manually:

add cylinder 8 faces (or more)
edit CTRL+R to add split faces into 3 sections (or more)
extrude selected faces
add edgeplit modifier: split angle 0 (unclick Marked as Sharp)
add subsurf modifier: levels/render levels 4
Click up arrow on Subsuf to move modifier up in stack



edge-sub-crash.blend (38.7 KB)

I just did a little experimenting, and there appear to be a number of ways to crash when you have edgesplit’s angle set to 0. For instance, try this: Add a standard cube, add subsurf and edgesplit. Set the Subsurf level to 6, and lower the edgesplit angle to 0. Crash.

My question is… why on Earth are you setting edgesplit’s angle to 0? I mean, a crash is a crash is a crash, and you should file a bug report, but I’m really curious what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Wouldn’t it be easier just to Set Solid instead? :confused:

Just a minor update. The crash seems to occur whenever the EdgeSplit modifier results in ~100,000 vertices in an object. I suspect that it’s just not designed internally to deal with that many vertices.

Thanks for the reply. I suspected it might be something like that.

I’m working through the manual and tutorials to learn how the functions and settings work. I was trying different Edgesplit settings on a small mesh to see what effect various settings had and Blender blew up on me.

Ahhh… thank you. I couldn’t figure that out for the life of me. :smiley:

Experimentation is, of course, always highly respected.