Edit a mesh and apply to existing key-frames?

Is there a way to edit my mesh in edit mode and apply it to all key frames if I need to make an adjustment where the skin pops through the armor piece?

Changes made to the mesh in edit mode will naturally apply to all the keyframes since you are changing the base data of the mesh. Are you trying this and still having problems? Go to each frame and move the verts in edit mode so they are inside the armor. All of your changes will be preserved each time. To do this however if you are using an armature to deform your mesh you MUST enable the two options in the top of the armature modifier panel that ‘use modifier in edit mode’ and ‘apply modifier to editing cage…’.

Caveat:If you are using shapekeys this can be a problem.

I got it working, i think blender was stuck from some other operation. rebooted it.