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Would anyone know if there are certain image files that retain their alpha channels, when you load them in Blender? Or point me in the right direction if it was answered in another post/thread?

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Would there be a reason to transfer images with aplha/transparencies?

For example - I just want to do some basic experiments with textures and bump maps. To create a bump map(or any other) should I even worry about alpha’s when I create them in 2D paint programs?

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I think 32bit tiff or tga files should keep their transparence information when used in blender. but I cannot say for sure.

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Yes, Tiff, TGA, and PNGs can have alpha. I think maybe PSD transparency is also possible. Just make sure you click the Use Alpha button in the texture button window.

Whether or not you need to use the alpha depends on what you’re doing. For example, if you are trying to put a logo on an object or maybe a spotted texture where you want some areas to allow the base color to show thru, that might be a time to use an alpha channel. I have used it in the past for placing logos on bottles and such.

Thank you roofoo, I appreciate it! By the way, I checked out your site. Great job on the graphite water drawings. Also, the Spidey (2099, i think) - I have that issue (among others). Good stuff.

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Lol, I’m planning on designing a new website. Those are all pretty old projects now. I’ve got better stuff than what’s on there that I haven’t posted. Anyway, thanks for the compliment! And you’re welcome as well. :wink: