edit location with keyboard will not work

I just did a fresh install of Blender on a Win XP Laptop t61 ibm.
When I press “nkey” and try to edit the object parameters using the keyboard the values will not highlight to the “red” shade I’m used to. Is there a setting in blender or is it windows problem. On my other workstations I have no problem getting things to work.

This laptop work fine with blender prior to a hard drive crash and an xp reinstall.


Go User Preferences>Themes>UI and Buttons>Text Input Highlight. There you can change the colour of text highlight if for some reason it got changed.

Can you input numbers at all into the Transform Properties widget?

Thanks for the help. I can’t input values into the Transform Properties Wiget :frowning:
It could be a windows problem.

Make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date. I’ve heard of Blender UI problems associated with out dated drivers.

no luck. I tried a few video settings along with updating the video driver. no luck ?
wierd ?

Thank you so much for the help!
My video driver was old. I reinstalled from C:\DRIVERS\WIN\VIDEO and that did the trick.
Hmmm. I never had still problem on my 2001 Dell Running Gentoo Linux.