Edit many vertices at once

I’m wasting time trying to set the Z coordinate of all the vertices in a mesh to zero. Is there some easy way for this?


Hey Karel,

Im not really sure what you mean…
Im assuming that you want, for example, all the vert’s in a row to snapped to 0 on the z axis…is this correct?

If so, all you have to do is box select the verts you want to change (B key)> then scale (S key)> then immediately press the Z key (which constrains the scaling to the Z axis, and can be done with X and Y too)> then press the 0 key (which scales all the verts to the same level.)

So in a nutshell

B> S> Z> 0

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I also occasionally shift-right-click select the verts I want, then N and change the average Z value shown there in the properties box for the group. It’s only the average though, and displaces them all by the difference.

You can select all verts via the A key.

Hey, thank you very, very much for your quick reply. That’s exactly what I wanted, but unfortunately what I already tried.

I had completely unrelated problem - somehow the edited object got smoothened and it’s normals looked foobared. Thus I thaught that scaling somehow preserves normals etc. Sorry everybody :slight_smile: