Edit mode; can you see it?

This isn’t really the place to post stuff like this, but I’m really curious.

When you’re reading this post, and you recognize my user name, you probably know how much I hate the crosshair cursor in edit mode. This is because most of the time, I don’t see the darn thing.

Before we start, let me ask you to sit back and relax. Make sure you’re not putting your nose towards the screen, keep about 40 or 50 centimeters distance (that’s about 16 to 20 inch). Don’t go closer, it’s disastrous for the body when you’re sitting in front of a pc screen like that.

Now, when you’re done with that, have a look at the screenshot below and tell me what you see…

A monkey? Yeah baby! You have won a great price already!
But can you spot the mouse cursor?

That’s how we, the users of Windows, have to edit our models in Blender. I hope people will understand the rage against the abuse of this cursor now.

I found it a few seconds after looking at the monkey, but you do have a point. I’ve never exactly liked the way the cursor blends in with the mesh/background. Perhaps it would work better if the cursor automatically became the negative color of whatever it happened to be over? Or if it was a mouse…

I like the black cursor-theme better anyways… :wink:
But if this can be resolved right inside blender it would indeed be good for the users who use the standard cursors.

Ouch! that’s awful!

Can’t say i ever noticed myself…(though i rarely use blender under windows i was using it all last week on site with a client…) I DO get a general seethe on that stuff doesn’t work as nicely as when I’m using linux… but that’s all in my head (not having my reference libraries… having to get my head into the folder structures in windows… blah blah)

That said that screenshot is very poor and I feel your pain! I’m not sure that’s as bad to work for me, but I always change the background colour to be much lighter than that…

you can download and install different themes that will change the aperance. get meta’s build that is loaded with tons of scripts and more. it has 7 different icon sets and 30 themes. you should be able to find one you like.


Oups double post …

I think he know how to do that , and you can also change the mouse cursor in the mouse properties , it doesn’t takes 2 min to change that to a new one , but he is lazy …

Peace :rolleyes:.

C’mon, he obviously likes this theme and the only issue is the cursor being invisible… having to use a theme that you don’t like because the issue is the cursor is a bit odd…

that’s like saying use linux rather than windows because the cursor shows up better in blender…

Uh I love the background dark … but that’s plain awful. The crosshair thing. Now i know why you hate it , but you must understand for some of us it’s nice!! (im on osx and it looks better) I want the crosshair everywhere. Since i find it more accurate and as in other suits.

Yes it is true, finding the cursor in edit mode can be a real pain sometimes It is the only thing I don’t like about the default colour scheme.

Can someone find where this is in the Blender source code?

It’s not in the source , blender use the default OS cursor.


I [personally] don’t find it a big problem. I usually have the view properties window up while in edit mode and can look at that if I lose the cursor.

Also, my main interaction with the 3d cursor is through the snap menu. So I’m either snapping the cursor to a selection, in which case I don’t need to see where the cursor currently is, or I’m snapping the selection to the cursor, in which case I’ll know where I want my selection to go.

All that said, the default 3D cursor ‘looks’ like a retro piece of coder art. It’s not the prettiest or slickest ‘looking’ thing in the world.

Oh what an idiot I am. I thought the OP was refering to the 3d cursor.
Yeah the standard [selection] cursor is annoying sometimes.

There is a different cursor in Object Mode and Edit Mode, and somewhere in the code must be the instructions to Operating System when to change it. If one could find where it happens, it would be possible to comment out the change, and continue with arrow-cursor in Edit Mode too.

Oops, yeah, I meant the mouse cursor, not the 3d cursor :slight_smile:

Do you have a screenshot of the OSX crosshair cursor? :slight_smile:

It’s in $blender-svn/source/blender/editors/space_view3d/space_view3d.c at line 483. Remove the call to set the edit cursor, aaaaand… it’s gone.

But it’s not always possible to patch the program, and to be fair, it’s getting a little boring to have to apply a patch for something that should just be fixed in the trunk instead. Not everyone is using Linux or OSX with nice default cursors.

(and certainly not everyone wants to adjust their system settings for just one program)

Personally I’m quite happy with my cross hair cursor:


But I understand your arguments, too. If I’m thinking the profound reason for this problem, am I right if I feel there is not enough developers to implement the changes? An suplementary cursor set would be quite a lot of work. I don’t want to vote against cross hair cursor, but I hope people would spread the knowledge how things are coded in Blender, so more people would understand what’s going on, and some of them maybe could be able code the suplementary cursor set too.

In Windows one way to see the cursor better is to change the precision cursor selection in the mouse properties dialog from the control panel. See below, not a perfect solution but it works for me…




http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/VwZAUR7IqlDIjrvnwOkqQg?authkey=Gv1sRgCIqsxsaa4_WMmwE&feat=directlinkChoose “cross_r.cur” for a small cursor, “cross_rm.cur” for a medium sized cursor or “cross_rl.cur” for a large cursor.


For me, the cursor has a white outline, it’s not just a spindly crosshair like yours.

Or you could just use the black scheme(preset). :wink:

still in my opinnion, if at all possible, imo, blender should invert the cursor color against what evers in the background,
but I guess it’s not up to blender but the os. :confused: