Edit mode; can you see it?

I’m not sure if I’ve ever noticed that the cursor changed when in edit mode. I guess I just zone out while working on things.

yes, inverted cursor.


imo, blender should invert the cursor color against what evers in the background,

blasphomy! :smiley: let the OS decide. :slight_smile:

I think Brecht was reading this thread because I saw this commit

One of the things he addresses with this commit is the default Windows cross cursor being barely visible in the new theme colors, it looks like he changed that.

  • Win32 editmode cursor now uses a different one than the system
    cursor, that one is barely visible, especially in the new theme

This is great news!

I agree. Last thursday I just quickly installed Blender 2.49 at a Vista notebook to show my friends what can be done with Blender. I did a short modeling or well at least … I tried … I wasn’t enjoying it because it was almost impossible for me to see the cursor (not the 3D cursor, the normal cursor). That really sucked :s.

You could always make your own precision cursor using one of many icon editors

that’s windows that sucks… change to the black cursor theme as on *nix ;D then it works fine.

  • Win32 editmode cursor now uses a different one than the system
    cursor, that one is barely visible, especially in the new theme

It would be nice to have a screenshot , and to have the possibility to switch back to the OS pointers in the preference , please.


My prayers have been heard! Thank you Brecht!

A screenshot:

Brecht, if I ever meet you in Amsterdam, I’ll buy you a drink!

btw. He’s fixed the wobbly widgets as well, they’re rock solid now :smiley: Awesomeness!!

That is sweet.

Yes, it does…I will begrudgingly keep running windows for the many other apps I use that have native support(“NATIVE”).

Thanks for the fix, Brecht… I assume this a fix in the 2.5 branch?

Thanks for the Windows cursor change tip, Blend3d, I’ll try that. (I’m not going to 2.5 until a release candidate comes out)

Your welcome…I will probably wait for a release candidate as well.

Imo blender should have it’s own cursors, i.e not use the systems cursor. It would make it easier for us who switch alot beetween different OS/computers.

That’s it, I absolutely agree. Note this:

Since blender has its own window manager with specific theme, its own icon set and UI paradigms (like the weird right-click select), it should also have a cursor set. The best possible one, of course :wink:

I agree Gustav, as an occasional Linux user (dual boot system) it would be better to have all settings Blender centric and uniform. I only put forward the work around as I too am unable to see the cursor in Windows. I found the white around black X style to be a reasonable compromise over most color schemes. I certainly do NOT want to undermine Blenders development by promoting work arounds generally. It is great news to hear that a correction has been committed in the 2.5 svn.

Best regards,

Bummer, the wobbly widgets have been fixed for the N and T-panels only, not the buttons window.

Still, the N/T-panels feel great :yes: