edit mode: can't edit all "3D-shapes"

i’ve got a cube and a cylinder. i have no idea about what did i touch but now i can’t edit both figures at the same time.

what can i do?

thanks :slight_smile:

Quite possibly it’s because they’re two seperate objects. If you want them to be part of the same object, you’d do something like this:

  1. In Object mode, Add>Mesh>Cube
  2. In Edit mode, Add>Cylinder

Both objects should now be fully editable at the same time.

I’m sure there’s some way to take the objects you already have and join them, but being the noob that I am, I haven’t picked that trick up yet.

Hope this helps.

sounds like they are two meshes where you want one. if so, join them (ctrl-j). or else you can xadap suggests and add the second mesh while your in edit mode on the first.

I’ve had this problem, and it might be more fundamental. In object mode, right click on one of the objects.

What always confused me is, I would be in object mode, select the camera, move it around, deselect everything, then not get back into edit mode.

I needed to select the objects, first.


(And if this isn’t the answer, I apologize. :slight_smile: Sometimes its the obvious things that aren’t so obvious.) :smiley:

You must have pressed ‘P’ at some point (separate vertices from a mesh).

Select the object(s) to add, then select (lastly) the object to receive, and press Ctrl-J to join meshes (into one object).

Now you can edit both at the same time again.