Edit Mode: Cursor - Selection Distance

Hi Ladies and Gents,
Somehow the distance my cursor is from an edge/vertex/face to select it has increased.
Before I basically had to put my cursor right on the edge or very very close to select it, now it is too far away.
(There is no difference whether zoomed in or out)
I cannot find any adjustment for this or understand why it’s changed.
Does anyone know about this?
Thanks! :green_heart:

In the image, the Red X is the new cursor distance from the edge to select it, the Blue X is where I would like the cursor to be to select an edge (like before)

It’s a tricky one. I’m sure it’s not my imagination :upside_down_face: :space_invader:
Occurs with other files also, not just one particular file.

Only noticed it yesterday while editing a mesh, after doing some edge & vertex extrusions I was playing around with merge vertices by distance, I made some changes to the distance setting but I have made sure this setting is back to the default 0.0001m

…but that is merging vertices, my trouble is the distance between the vertex for selection and the mouse cursor, which now seems way to wide. :confused: