Edit mode cursor shape changes?

Sorry if this is answered somewhere else, but search returns 549 pages so that doesn’t help much.

I’ve got blender 2.37a installed on my desktop machine and laptop. Both are running XPpro. On the desktop, when in edit mode I get a small cross as a cursor. On the laptop I get a shape like a text edit caret. I can’t see what I’ve set differently on the laptop. Has anyone got any ideas? It’s difficult to position verticies using a text caret :slight_smile:


Can’t cover XP but in Linux I had to locate my cursors, create a copy of “ptr_left” and call it “crosshair”.
Rename the original crosshair, of course.
Apparently Blender calls for the “crosshair” cursor or equivalent in edit mode, which in my case was damn near invisible.

Other choice - hack the code.

Go into Control Panel and open up the Mouse applet.
On the pointers tab find “Precision Select” - that is the mouse cursor blender uses in edit mode. It’s usually a crosshairs… if it’s a text select then change it to something else.

Thanks nykysle! That fixed it.