Edit mode extremely slow on imac G5 (radeon X600XT)


I’m trying to get Blender running on G5 imac. It’s running osx 10.4.7 with ati radeon X600XT video card. Maya runs pretty smoothly on the same machine. Blender is extremely slow, almost unusable when in edit mode editing objects that have more than 10 000 vertices. In object mode it runs very smoothly, just like it should.

I myself have a linux/windows background and I’m completely lost with this mac. I tried searching elysiun and blender.org forums but didn’t find really anything. I hope there’s some way to speed the edit mode up, since I have to deal with imported cad models now and then.

Help would be very much appreciated.

It’s a problem inherent to the ATI video card.
But I don’t know how to solve it.


Be well

I used to own a radeon, had similar problems (9600XT). Apparently Blender doesn’t work properly with radeons. Switched to nVidia=no more problems.

Yeah… Too bad you can’t change an iMac’s video card. So if anyone knows any nice hacks to get it faster I’m listening… :slight_smile:

well… I’m using a cheap radeon 9200 with 64mb ram and it works ok

blender is useable with objects up to 90 000 vertices and gets unuseable at about 400 000 verts
But I’m on linux here and this means I use a different driver than you - What I want to say is, radeons are OK, it’s a driver issue (at least I think so)

Isn’t there a newer driver available for you?

I installed the latest ati mac driver, it didn’t do any good…

On my G5 iMac it gets totally unusable at around 40 000 vertices… So it’s like ten times slower it should be. Object mode still runs perfectly. It’s weird.

i quess you’ll have to start raising your Low-Poly skills, lol, well on windows you can “hack” by useing some nvidias drivers gl files but i don’t know how to help you, ive allways stayed with nvidia, don’t like AMD’s video-cards much.(not that they are bad or anything they are just weaker when it comes to opengl, becaused of theyr drivers as it has been sayed)