Edit mode lock-out?

Please, save an old man some labor… I don’t have time to go through the millions of files for an answer.

Problem-- In a few cases, I can’t get to edit mode. Most of my model files work fine, but in at least 2 cases, I’ve
either corrupted the file, or pressed the wrong button.

Any help is appreciated.

(Do I have to tell you I’m a newbie?) :expressionless:

Notice - when this happens, Edit does not appear in the MODE options…

Your lamp is still selected, it doesn’t have an edit mode. RMB-Select the object and your heartrate will return to normal.


Fligh% your just the man, you know that? Your help is like a breath of fresh air. No kidding.

You see the guy with the big grin? It’s me!! :smiley:

Like tying shoelaces… easy if you know how, impossible otherwise.

I’ll probably be back with some other question – after giving it a good effort.

Many thanks

Thank you both. I appreciate it because at least half of my posts go unanswered and there are others who know far more than I do and also get little if any feedback.