Edit mode modifications not showing at object mode


I’m having a wierd behaviour from Blender when I’m editing an object. In edit mode the modifications are fine, but they dissapear when I’m in Object mode:

When I’m back in edit mode from object mode, the modifications are still there, so apparently it’s just a rendering thing(?). I created the ear selecting some faces, using the Inset operation, extruding some faces and commom modelling to get the ear form. Does anyone know what might be causing this ?

Are you using any modifiers ?
If so, which ones and what are their settings ? Check them to ensure you have set them to be visible in object mode

Hi Richard,

The modifier settings are shown below:

I attached the .blend file if you got the time to take a look at it as well.


ear_problem.blend (974 KB)

Remove shape key in object data properties, in object mode.
If you use shape keys, first put two keys in the list: basis key and then the actual shape keys which you actually use, leave basis key alone.

Thanks, JA12! That solved the issue. I tryed to remove directly the shape key (the one with the “basis” identifier) but it wasn’t deleting. I created another key, deleted the basis them I deleted the new one.

Thanks, again.