Edit mode or Object mode??

hi guy’s i have a simple question: what is the difference between edit mode and object mode( in terms of size , rotation, location) and how this affect the procedural texture that i apply on it(with genereted coords), some times there are difference between the material preview and the final render… and i can’t get the wanted result at the first shot :frowning:

Edit mode = editing of the object’s verticies… changes here should effect the generated texture
Object mode = editing of the object’s location/orientation in 3D space…

pretty much edit mode is when you want to make changes on a vertex base level… object mode is more for overall rotation / location / scale

if your unhappy with what the generated texture is doing, UV map the object

To my knowledge Object vs. Edit mode shouldn’t affect textures.

but, for example i i resize the object in object mode, without apply the transformation, how this affect texture on it??