Edit mode tutorial on youtube

Hello Blender people, I would appreciate it if you would check out my intro to Blender video. I am kinda new to this program but have years of experience on 3D Max. This video is designed to help with the basics of Blender’s edit mode, explaining some simple tools to help you in your modeling endeavors and thier quick keys. Thank you for your time…CommonRabbit

Just a few notes.

  1. Thanks for the Ctrl-Alt-Z tip; I didn’t know that
  2. Loop Cuts are almost always done with Ctrl-R, rather than the toolshelf
  3. Hitting E and then right clicking doesn’t cancel it; it leaves the extruded faces exactly where the original face was.
  4. I suggest using screencast keys addon if you make future videos (it’s included in Blender)

(Note: I skipped around a bit, so these might not be entirely accurate.)

If you are doing these as a re-enforcement of your learning then it is fine. But if you are doing it for others, then there are way to many ummm’s and uhhh’s. I think key in Blender (and most other graphic applicaitons) are the hot keys. I would stress them. I took an advanced aftereffets class and the best thing I learned was any time you used the menu to do something, use the menu, find out what the hotkey is, then do it with the hot key. Also I agree with using the screncast keys, and get a better mic.

All that being said, your tutorial was as good as most are not including the people that do tutorials for a living.

What place57 said.

I wonder if we should have a “Work in Progress” tutorial forum so people who want to do tutorials can publish rough drafts and get critique?

Another useful tip for prospective tutorial makers is to increase the dpi in File>>User Preferences>>System Tab>>General so the font and icons are larger and easier to see. 144 (the max) is a lot easier to see on a YouTube video than the default 72… Along with that they would have to increase the width of the panels so the increased font size didn’t mean truncating lables and settings. Having screencast show a bunch of mouse clicks and hot keys doesn’t help much when you don’t know what is being clicked on.

Seems like I’ve seen a lot of these where the author never leaves User Perspective View, either. Is this some kind of 3DSMax holdover?

Actually, if prospective tutorial makers want my advice, I recommend the rough draft be a text version with screenshots. That is a whole lot easier to debug, and corresponds to making a script and storyboard before jumping in to doing an animation. Plus that gives the author the time to look up what all those gizmos and doohickies are called so they can use proper terminology.

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll be the first to admit, i’m a Blender noob and this was kinda just to reinforce my own knowledge as well as to break some 3D Max habits. In the future, I am going to make them shorter and focus on one or two tools at a time. Also, the reason I never left perspective was because i’m on a laptop so I can’t use the numpad. When I do, I go into the views tab alot which is kinda annoying. 3D Max uses quick keys L, R and T for left right and top and also starts with four views open. Again, thanks for your tutorial tips. I aim to get better.

Also, the reason I never left perspective was because i’m on a laptop so I can’t use the numpad.
File / User Preferences / Input, enable 'Emulate Numpad or set up you own custom shortcuts and default screen layout

Thanks, that helps alot. Hated having to go into the view tab.

OMG, #3: that’s why I kept getting weird double faces while trying to model a human. You just helped the $#$% outta me. Thank you so much. Out of all the videos I have ever watched, I feel that that hasn’t been explained and was wondering if it was a bug or something.

Hello again, I was wondering if anybody has tried a program called Sculptris. I think you should all check it out to see if you can add it to your workflow. It’s free and super easy. Anyways, here is a video I made. http://youtu.be/tIzyDKV8QEg You can export models into blender using the .obj format. I would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on using it versus Blender’s built in sculpt tools or z-brush. Thanks again.