Edit mode unavailable after save.

Please help a new user who can’t get “edit mode” back after saving a file in “object mode.” It opens in Object and will not toggle with Tab and the menu flyouts are not available either.

Are you sure you have a mesh selected and not a lamp or camera?

I have the same problem with 2.48a. Saved, mesh. Switched to object mode, moved to another layer. added another mesh saved. Then when I went back to the first mesh it will not allow me to enter edit mode at all.

When you switched to a different layer, did you select the object before trying to tab into edit?

Yes, I did. I selected and deselected (Pressed the ‘A’ key) several times. I even moved it up to the first layer. I was not able to do anything with it. I even tried to manually switch the tab to edit from object mode. This had also failed. If this is a bug then I will submit it when I get home. I don’t have my .blend file at work

This may be obvious, but are you selecting the object you want to work on? RMB to select. If you select all (A), it’ll select all the objects in your scene, including cameras lamps, etc, which don’t have edit modes to enter.

Ok, I just moved and deleted the camera and lamp from a different layer. Then I performed a Shift+D to copy my mesh from a different layer all together. Now it will allow me to edit it. Thanks Gang.