edit mode: why do not scale with the individual face Sx2?

Why not make individual faces scale with Sx2?
It can adjust the workflow as Inset tool with Ix2.


Do people really use individual faces ops that much? I only remember a few instances in many years where I wanted to do something like that. The lefthand keys are precious. Let’s save them for something that’s really useful when it appears.

He’s saying make hitting S twice scale individual origins. Sort of like how GG will do an edge slide. Might not be a bad idea really.

The more options with the more control the better.

I like this suggestion. I scale individual faces quite a lot and it’s pretty annoying having to switch the origin points every other second.

So yeah, I’m all for this!

got my vote.

That brings up another area that I wouldnt mind seeing change within blender, and that how snapping works, along with the origin snapping.

How about making double-taps generally assignable then instead?

Just asking out of curiosity - can you post some examples where you use this? Not artificially created examples though, I mean on real models. Many people seem to want this, and I’m just left scratching my head why. Maybe I’m depriving myself of a wonderful tool, who knows!

Hope it’s good enough, that’s what I did have in mind.

Well, like I said, this is not a real model, this is a hypothetical example. In the real world you’d either use a texture if this was a small detail, or if this were, say, a building, you’d use a set of arrays or linked duplicates (because it’d quickly get tedious to make selections if you wanted to add any more detail to the ‘windows’).

And even in this simple case, if your faces were rectangular instead of nice and square you’d be better served with Inset individual.

There´s a simple reason inset doesn´t always cut it. Sometimes you want to scale after the fact, and just do not want to add extra geometry. I´m always surprised there´s such resistance to certain tools (I don´t want to say bitching;)…

I´d second this request easily, I would also like an option for an inset scale, since it preserves proportions, unlike the normal scale.


Now look here - I wrote very clearly I’m not bitching. If people want it, fine, go for it. I’m just curious to see some real world usage to see what the commotion is about. Cause I’m not using it, and maybe I’m missing out. That said, I don’t care about looking at cubes and cylinders and golfballs, I’d like to see it used on a production asset where it’s proven to be the best way to model the shape while taking into account your ability to unwrap, texture and adjust it later.

(I’m sorry trew, but that photo is not convincing in the least, just try and add to your model the little window casings visible in the photo)

There is a work process, it is clear that this is not a finished work, the question of where I use it so I showed the interesting part.

It’s incredibly useful in hard surface modeling. I use it occasionally in organics, too. Hard to pinpoint an exact place on a model where I’ve used it because it flows just as naturally as using extrude or fill faces normally. I’d love to see it added as a shortcut that isn’t currently being used to prevent having to use the mouse to choose it.

If you need radial symmetry I don’t really want to fiddle around with adding a lot of modifiers to the object to make it work. I rather just adjust all the sides at the same time, which is my most used case for this. It is also incredibly useful for hard-surface modeling as m9105826 said.

Furthermore it might not have been a production-ready model but trew posted a valid use of the method.

It’s a good idea, my question is, can the s-s double press be used for anything else? This is worth to consider.

Double tap R is used for trackball rotation, this is good and somewhat unquestionable because it’s just another type of rotation. Is there another “type” of scale?

Median point and individual origins are by far my most used options. A third press could perhaps be used for 3D cursor, or vice versa.

I have another suggestion that would be more consistent with the rest of the UI:

We already have period and comma keys to switch between median and 3d cursor. Perhaps it would be better to double-tap one of those to switch to individual origins mode?

Then we could use the remaining one to double-tap for ‘bounding box center’ and since Alt-period is already ‘active element’ that would be all of them.

Personally I’d like double-s saved for inset scale which really would be a different type of scale.

Agreed. Makes sense.