Edit .obj or .3ds file imported from Rhino

I’m importing Rhino mesh models to blender as .obj or .3ds but cannot edit the model once imported (add texture or edit mesh). How do I convert the model to an editable mesh please?
Thanks for help.

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What do you mean by “can not edit”? What happens if you hit the Tab key to enter Edit Mode?
Upload an example file to a hosting service of your choice and post the download link here.

Right click on the object after importing it.

When I select a primitive generated in Blender it turns yellow orange when I select it and I can edit it. The imported mesh primitive from Rhino has an orange outline but does not turn yellow orange when I try to select it. Same effect in Edit mode and Object mode. Using the Tab key (MAC OSX) simply toggles between the Blender primitive or the generic cube in the file and the imported primitive. Image and link to file enclosed.


Works perfectly for me when I select either the imported cube or cone

In your image neither of these is the current active object so does not change to edit mode.
Just go into object mode and actually select either the cube or cone with RMB

Well I’m clearly missing something very simple. I can get to that point in your last post. From there I can apply shape transformations and assign materials to the generic cube, but not to the imported primitives.

You do realize that Blender by default uses the right mouse button to select, not the left mouse button (as organic has already pointed out in post #4)? So you will have to right-click the object you want to edit.

The cone in your screenshot is not “active” = not selected for editing, as is shown by the dark orange colour. If an object is the currently active one, it is highlighted in bright orange.

Also in case it’s not clear you can only edit one object at a time in Blender. Each of those primitives is a separate object. You select an object and tab into edit mode. So if you’re in edit mode on that Blender cube as in that screenshot, and you want to edit the cone, you would tab back out, right click the cone and tab into edit mode.